Frontiers in Globalization Theory and Practice [ ]

Frontiers in Globalization Theory and Practice [ ] // . 2018. 9 . URL: http://www.isras.ru/publ.html?id=6561

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 .. Frontiers in Globalization Theory and Practice [ ] // . 2018. 9 . URL: http://www.isras.ru/publ.html?id=6561

The aim of the article is to discuss some urgent frontiers in current globalization theory and practice. Drawing on a set of gathering of the global sociological community and publications of its summaries and abstracts, on the results of some long-term global international research projects as well as on the monograph issues of leading international journals, the author reveals a set of key issues in modern globalization theory and practice. These issues are the following: (1) what is in question: the global sociology or the sociology of globalization? And what is the essence of current globalization process, is it one dimensional, multisided or complex? (2) Does a pace and time-rhythms of globalization processes matter and does the all parts of a global whole are transforming with the same speed? (3) Does the current globalization process really global i.e. all-embracing and all-penetrating or it is composed of relatively independent that are in the struggle with each other? (4) What changes occur in global environment under the pressure of the scientific and technological revolution (hereafter, STR-4) in which the globalization processes are developing? Does a particular environment neutral under their pressure or it represent a system of actors that are resisting to an invasion of global actors and forces? (5) What kind of resources is needed for globalization development and is the struggle for resources and geopolitical domination represents a core of globalization process? The author came to conclusion that in comparison with fundamental input in theory and practice of globalization processes made by Z. Bauman, U. Beck, M. Castells, A. Giddens, R. Robertson, A. Touraine, J. Urry and M. Waters there is no substantial innovations or breakthroughs in this realm of global studies.

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